About Me

Hello there! I'm Sushuen and I'm the owner of Psumpkin's Polished Pinky. I love alliterations; I was a pseudo-literature student in my junior college days (lol!) I go by the online moniker of Psumpkin! I really like to eat pumpkins, but there isnt any 'S' in pumpkin (unless its plural and I really like the letter 'S' only because my initials are S.S.S.) so I conveniently added one into pumpkin and that's how the name Psumpkin came about!

My love for nail polish started in the year 2008 after I viewed swatches of random nail polishes which were linked from Transdesign. There were many sprees for that and I couldn't see what the appeal was (How naive~) After my mother bought me my first 2 OPIs (An Affair in Red Square, and Bright Lights, Big Color!) I was hooked for life~~!

I'm located in Singapore and I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Accountancy degree so I can get rather overwhelmed with school work, but I do make it a point to blog at least once a week (or more if I can find the time on weekends).

I really do hope you enjoy what I've written so far on the blog! Have a great day people~ :D