Thursday, September 13, 2012

#50 Footy nails, Take 2!

Hola! Back to post a recent nail art that I did a few weeks back! I'm quite proud of this one because I spent quite a lot of time on them and they really turned out well! :D This one is for all you Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal fans who have searched for your respective club's nail art and ended up just looking at the one I did for Liverpool!!

L-R: Manchester United's Red Devil, Chelsea's Lion, Arsenal's Cannon and finally Liverpool's Liverbird! I thought the red devil turned out better than I expected and the worse one was... Arsenal's cannon! (I took 3 tries before it even turned out semi-decent!


A thumb that says I <3 L.F.C because we love you Liverpool, we do~

And both hands together! The thumb is a sparkly Union Jack! And the numbers correspond to player numbers in each of the club! Liverpool's 8, Steven Gerrarrd! Arsenal's 23, Arshavin! Chelsea's 7, Ramires (Just for my friend, Chomchom who loves him) And Man Utd's 5, Rio Ferdy (Whom I follow on twitter! I think he is hilarious!)

So yup! My nail art to celebrate the start of the BPL season! Liverpool's off to a dismal start as of now, but I still have faith! :> Till my next update! Adios! (I'm taking Spanish elective and I'm really enjoying it!)