Saturday, April 21, 2012

#46 Neon Nails

China Glaze Pool Party
This was a manicure that I did when I was swamped with school work. I had about 2 presentations and a quiz on Taxation all in a span of 5 days and I remember how stressed I was on the weekend cos I had not gotten anything done at all! I needed a bright pop of colour to cheer myself up so I used China Glaze's Pool Party! A super fabulous and totally Not work appropriate colour! I got the entire China Glaze Poolside Collection from last year, but I've only used 2 colours to date!! I should really pop these out more often. I love how searing and vivid the colours are in real life!! :) Sure adds some colour into a dull week!

  China Glaze Pool Party + Totoro
On a totally unrelated side note, look at the ear phone cap I bought for my new iPhone! A super adorable Totoro (I love Studio Ghibli!) I got it off and it cost me less than $2! You can also see how neon the pink really is in this picture!

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