Monday, April 23, 2012

#48 Galaxy Nails

I've been seeing lots of galaxy/nebula inspired nails online and they are so incredibly pretty! I tried doing it once before but it turned out pretty bad because my sponge wasnt porous enough. It was only recently when I dug through my manicure drawer, that I realised that I had bought the Etude House ones!

Galaxy Nails
I was studying at that time so I really needed to do this quickly and this took me less than 30 minutes! Its really super easy to do! :D I painted 1 coat of AA Hassid and then I sponged on OPI DS Exclusive, followed by Etude House BL505 (A deceptive duochrome! It shimmery and flashes blue and purple in the bottle but it doesnt translate on the nails!) and lastly, OPI Last Friday Night!

Galaxy Nails 2
It is so pretty and my friends have said that it is nice as well! :D Its even better under the sun because OPI DS Exclusive is a super holo and it sparkles like crazy! I always get distracted by my nails when the sun is out.

Also, look at these fab pair of flats that I got a few weeks back!! I got them from and they cost me about $45 after shipping and my galaxy nails just reminded me of them! I am so into glittery flats now!! I have another pair in white that has iridescent glitter which I got from Topshop! The Topshop ones are super comfortable unlike these which really hurt me despite me wearing plasters before putting them on! But they're slowly breaking in so that's not such a big problem after all :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#46 Neon Nails

China Glaze Pool Party
This was a manicure that I did when I was swamped with school work. I had about 2 presentations and a quiz on Taxation all in a span of 5 days and I remember how stressed I was on the weekend cos I had not gotten anything done at all! I needed a bright pop of colour to cheer myself up so I used China Glaze's Pool Party! A super fabulous and totally Not work appropriate colour! I got the entire China Glaze Poolside Collection from last year, but I've only used 2 colours to date!! I should really pop these out more often. I love how searing and vivid the colours are in real life!! :) Sure adds some colour into a dull week!

  China Glaze Pool Party + Totoro
On a totally unrelated side note, look at the ear phone cap I bought for my new iPhone! A super adorable Totoro (I love Studio Ghibli!) I got it off and it cost me less than $2! You can also see how neon the pink really is in this picture!

Friday, April 20, 2012

#46 Effie Trinket's Reaping Nails

Whew! Where did all the time go??? I'm in the midst of my exams now :( Taking a break and (finally!) posting some manis that I have done!

I watched The Hunger Games a few weeks back! And it was such a good movie! One of the things that I noticed first, was Effie Trinket's nails during the Reaping! (And that's how you know you're obsessed with nail polish!) I promised myself that I would try to recreate the look (but kind of failed!)

Effie Trinket
This is my take on her nails! I used OPI's Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em from the Texas Collection. Its a super lovely hot pink jelly that applies well in 2 coats! I only used it because I realised that I dont have any purpley-shades (other than lilac!!) that I could use. And when the time came to sponge on the gold tips, I really gave an inward groan! I didnt have any cool gold foils in my collection either!!!! I usually avoid gold coloured polishes cos they really dont suit my skintone (I have OPI Rising Star and Chanel Peridot, and both are super unflattering on my skin!)

  Effie Trinket 2
So I did the next best thing. I mixed OPI Rising Star with Orly Shine! Haha! It sort of worked I guess? But this just goes to show that its perfectly okay to buy nail polishes that dont really work for your skintone because you will never know when you might need them!!! :D