Thursday, December 1, 2011

#42 Cupcake Tutorial

Hihihi, my exams are finally over!! And my dear fonfon posted about my blog on hers T_T Quite paiseh but she is so cute~ Anyway!! I did a new tutorial today cos I was feeling bored at home!! Cupcake nails! Deceptively difficult-looking nail art that is actually very simple to do~

Cupcake Tutorial

Sally Hansen White StriperEtude House Glitter Hearts
Here are the usual nail polishes I use for most of my nail arts! The white striper I use is from Sally Hansen. I love it cos the white is super opaque! It came as part of a french manicure set that my sister and I bought a long time ago! Its getting pretty thick now and depleting at an alarming rate T_T Hope they still sell it at Watsons. And the glitter heart top coat is from Etude House! I think it retails for about $5.90 per bottle?? Super worth it!

Doing my nails of the day now~ Guagua suggested doing candy canes so we'll see how they go! Till then, toodles! (Alliteration~)

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  1. Thank you for sharing the cup cake mani!!Sooo cute:3 I will have to try it!!