Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#44 My Christmas Nails!

Eee, I'm such a lazy person T_T Sorry for the lack of updates! Anyway to make up for it, here are pics of my christmas nails!!! :D

2011 Christmas Nails
Mix and match, but keeping a very christmassy colour scheme! (Red and green reminds me so much of Christmas!) The green I'm holding in this picture is American Apparel Malibu Green, which is the same green I used for the Xmas tree and my index finger!

2011 Christmas Nails 2
My left hand (aka the hand painted using my dominant hand) From left to right:
Index finger: AA Malibu Green with 2 coats of China Glaze Party Hearty, the ultimate Xmas glitter ever created!!
Middle finger: China Glaze Snow, stamped with Konad plate m59 using Konad Special polish in Red. Dabbed some China Glaze Fairy Dust on the ribbon and the silver outline was done using Etude House French Manicure striper in silver glitter.
Ring finger: Sheer pink base using OPI It's A Girl, followed by freehanding a triangle using AA Malibu Green. Silver glitter was from the Etude House French Manicure polish, and added a rhinestone in place of a star on the top! Heh!
Pinky: Essie Red Nouveau with China Glaze Snow, dotted using a dotting tool.

Ain't that a mouthful! It seems like hardwork doesnt it..! The mani took quite long but only because I didnt know what to paint on my nails! I actually started with my thumbs first and then I just sat on my chair and I had to slowly think of what to do for the rest of my fingernails.

2011 Christmas Nails 3
Left hand thumb! I followed the tutorial here. It is such a cute idea! Christmas sweater nails! :D I came across the image from tumblr and I went to check out the tutorial and I was super lucky cos I had the same Konad image plates! So I could recreate the design. Happy!

2011 Christmas Nails 4
And my right hand! Its basically the same design as my left hand!

2011 Christmas Nails 5
Right hand thumb. A little bit smudged! Pretend like you didnt see it okay???

My favourite is the christmas tree!! I was inspired by this image on tumblr! It looks so pretty and festive that I knew I had to try and recreate that look! Added some silver glitter as the tinsel and omg, you know what, Xmas tree nails are the cutest things ever!

Hope you enjoyed this longass post! Haha happy holidays people!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

#43 A new look..?

Hi everybody! I just fiddled around with my blog template. I did the header myself btw ^^ Took a picture of 12 glittery polishes, did some photoshop mojo and that's what I ended up with. I'm still on the fence with this one, I only like the header but I'm not really feeling the rest! :-/ But its definitely better than the previous template, which was really childish lol! We'll see how it goes, just gonna stick with this one for now till inspiration hits me!

#42 Cupcake Tutorial

Hihihi, my exams are finally over!! And my dear fonfon posted about my blog on hers T_T Quite paiseh but she is so cute~ Anyway!! I did a new tutorial today cos I was feeling bored at home!! Cupcake nails! Deceptively difficult-looking nail art that is actually very simple to do~

Cupcake Tutorial

Sally Hansen White StriperEtude House Glitter Hearts
Here are the usual nail polishes I use for most of my nail arts! The white striper I use is from Sally Hansen. I love it cos the white is super opaque! It came as part of a french manicure set that my sister and I bought a long time ago! Its getting pretty thick now and depleting at an alarming rate T_T Hope they still sell it at Watsons. And the glitter heart top coat is from Etude House! I think it retails for about $5.90 per bottle?? Super worth it!

Doing my nails of the day now~ Guagua suggested doing candy canes so we'll see how they go! Till then, toodles! (Alliteration~)