Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#40 Zoya + Update

Hi everyone! And would you please look at that, I've gotten myself 15 followers to date! Whoop whoop!!! :D Thanks for following me~ ^^ Forever grateful~~~

Anyway this will be a short update (Time check, its 5.27am now! And I've still got some more things to finish studying! Life of a student!) I've recently obtained some super awesome nail polishes from a secret new year exchange thingamajig! One of the polishes that I received from my secret date is... Zoya Crystal! I've seriously been lemming for her since forever so I was super pleased that I finally got my grubby paws on her!

Zoya Crystal
The elusive right hand makes an appearance. The nail on my middle finger on both my hands broke!!! But the one on my right hand doesnt look as bad as the one on my left so there you have it, a picture of my right hand.

Zoya Crystal 2
Upclose to see the gorgeous golden flecks! This was 2 coats plus top coat! The blue isnt so rich in real life, its more icy and pale. Totally wintry! I love this polish so much. I didnt crave this little bottle for a year for nothing! Its totally worth the hype!

And following this picture is a preview of what is to come!

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection
Dum dum dum! China Glaze's Eye Candy Collection! Also a gift from my secret date!! I'll be swatching these after my exams end! I cannot wait to try them out!!! Have a good week ahead everyone!


  1. aww I like this blue sooo much!!~~~~its so pretty on you tooo!!~~Congrats for having 15 followers ;3 Im so happy to be one of them hehee:)

  2. Thanks for following me! :> I love this blue too, the golden flecks make it so pretty!