Friday, November 4, 2011

#38 Scallop Tips

Scallop Nails
Ahoy! This are my nails of the weekend~ I did scallop tips using mint green and white before but my sister said they looked weird -_- I wanted something loud and bright so I used Essie's Nouveau Red and this is just 1 coat! Amazing buttery formula! The silver is Orly's Shine and the black is American Apparel's Hassid.

Scallop Nails (Chanel)
Of course, I found the design a wee bit boring so I spruced it up with a double-c Chanel sticker! Lol!

Scallop Nails 2
The elusive right hand makes an appearance! There's also the Chanel sticker on my thumb, which is not pictured.

Scallop Nails 3
You'd think that if I can paint with my left hand, I'd probably be able to take pictures using my left hand as well, but no!!!!! My left hand was shaking like crazy and it was soooo difficult to get a decent picture! Which is why you have 2 pictures of my right hand!!!

I'm going shopping with my buddies tomorrow! :D We're going to a flea market and I'm going to pick up some (more) nail polishes if I spot any~ Have a good weekend ahead everybody :D

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