Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#37 Dior Silver Purple

Dior Silver Purple
Dior Silver Purple. This was a gift from my mum! :> She bought me my first 2 Dior polishes! (I've since swapped away one of them!) Anyway this is my first time using a Dior polish and I have to say, I am impressed! 2 coats for complete opacity and it dried super super fast!

Dior Silver Purple 2
I tried using 2 different cameras and I still couldnt pick up the correct shade of purple. Its more silvery in real life! This is a nice polish to have but its not really my colour >_< Somehow, I just dislike purple polishes (and yet I still buy them..)!

I didnt do much swatching over the weekend and my mani for the week is Make Up Store Greta which I already posted! -_- Its a good thing that my lessons end on thursday, so hopefully I can get home and swatch some polishes for you guys! ^^ Thanks for reading, have a brilliant day (or night) ahead!

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