Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#41 Rainbow

My exams arent over yet but thought I'd just pop by for a quick update!

My current nail(s)! Did it over the weekend (I've been very lazy these few days T_T I havent done as much studying as I'd like to...) Took this picture after 2 days of wearing it so there's some minor tipwear. Its a pretty cute design which I saw from this super pretty korean nail blog!! I'll do a proper intro after my exams end, which is in about 2 more days. I cant wait!!

Good night people! Hope your day was great~ :>

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#40 Zoya + Update

Hi everyone! And would you please look at that, I've gotten myself 15 followers to date! Whoop whoop!!! :D Thanks for following me~ ^^ Forever grateful~~~

Anyway this will be a short update (Time check, its 5.27am now! And I've still got some more things to finish studying! Life of a student!) I've recently obtained some super awesome nail polishes from a secret new year exchange thingamajig! One of the polishes that I received from my secret date is... Zoya Crystal! I've seriously been lemming for her since forever so I was super pleased that I finally got my grubby paws on her!

Zoya Crystal
The elusive right hand makes an appearance. The nail on my middle finger on both my hands broke!!! But the one on my right hand doesnt look as bad as the one on my left so there you have it, a picture of my right hand.

Zoya Crystal 2
Upclose to see the gorgeous golden flecks! This was 2 coats plus top coat! The blue isnt so rich in real life, its more icy and pale. Totally wintry! I love this polish so much. I didnt crave this little bottle for a year for nothing! Its totally worth the hype!

And following this picture is a preview of what is to come!

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection
Dum dum dum! China Glaze's Eye Candy Collection! Also a gift from my secret date!! I'll be swatching these after my exams end! I cannot wait to try them out!!! Have a good week ahead everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#39 Orly Shine with pa aa36

Orly Shine and pa aa36
My nail for this week! Orly Shine with 2 coats of pa aa36! pa aa36 has a rather watery formula, but the bottle colour is so pretty. (And drats, I didn't take a picture of it.) It has holographic glitter and bigger light pink hex glitter in a sheer, smoky black base. I thought it was black glitter but it wasn't the case!

Orly Shine and pa aa36 2
The pa glitter gave Orly Shine a darker tint. Looks a little greyish in certain angles. And the pink glitter add a pretty touch! ^^ I like this combination very much!

On a side note, I've added a few more pages above! You can now see what nail polishes I'm on the lookout for, and what I already have! Plus a little bit more about myself heh! Anyway my exams are coming realllll soon, so I won't be posting as much as I'd like to be! Sigh, can't wait for it to be over so that I can get on with my usual routine!

Friday, November 4, 2011

#38 Scallop Tips

Scallop Nails
Ahoy! This are my nails of the weekend~ I did scallop tips using mint green and white before but my sister said they looked weird -_- I wanted something loud and bright so I used Essie's Nouveau Red and this is just 1 coat! Amazing buttery formula! The silver is Orly's Shine and the black is American Apparel's Hassid.

Scallop Nails (Chanel)
Of course, I found the design a wee bit boring so I spruced it up with a double-c Chanel sticker! Lol!

Scallop Nails 2
The elusive right hand makes an appearance! There's also the Chanel sticker on my thumb, which is not pictured.

Scallop Nails 3
You'd think that if I can paint with my left hand, I'd probably be able to take pictures using my left hand as well, but no!!!!! My left hand was shaking like crazy and it was soooo difficult to get a decent picture! Which is why you have 2 pictures of my right hand!!!

I'm going shopping with my buddies tomorrow! :D We're going to a flea market and I'm going to pick up some (more) nail polishes if I spot any~ Have a good weekend ahead everybody :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#37 Dior Silver Purple

Dior Silver Purple
Dior Silver Purple. This was a gift from my mum! :> She bought me my first 2 Dior polishes! (I've since swapped away one of them!) Anyway this is my first time using a Dior polish and I have to say, I am impressed! 2 coats for complete opacity and it dried super super fast!

Dior Silver Purple 2
I tried using 2 different cameras and I still couldnt pick up the correct shade of purple. Its more silvery in real life! This is a nice polish to have but its not really my colour >_< Somehow, I just dislike purple polishes (and yet I still buy them..)!

I didnt do much swatching over the weekend and my mani for the week is Make Up Store Greta which I already posted! -_- Its a good thing that my lessons end on thursday, so hopefully I can get home and swatch some polishes for you guys! ^^ Thanks for reading, have a brilliant day (or night) ahead!