Thursday, October 13, 2011

#28 The Power Sparkler

Estessimo TiNS The Power Sparkler
Today's swatch is Estessimo TiNS' The Power Sparkler! It really does live up to its name :D It has gold shimmer, gold glitter and holographic hex glitters suspended in a clear base. This was about 3 coats and my vnl is still quite obvious!

Estessimo TiNS The Power Sparkler 2
I'm guessing this would go well over a nice teal creme! I saw Nina Dobrev's in an issue of Seventeen I think? And she had the loveliest nails ever; China Glaze's Custom Kicks with Medallion! I'm guessing this might be a good substitute :>

Estessimo TiNS The Power Sparkler 3
Bottle shot to show its sparkly goodness! I've got 2 more swatches of Estessimo TiNS nail polishes coming up in the next 2 days, so do look out for them! TiNS really does make the best glitter bombs!

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