Monday, October 10, 2011

#26 Spangled!!

Etude House Spangle #05, 06 and 07
A few months ago I picked these up from Etude House. They reminded me so much of Milani's Gold which I had such a difficult time finding in USA! These are from the LuciDarling Spangle collection! They're called Dazzling Blue, Dazzling Pink and Dazzling Purple. Haha, the names are kinda uncreative...!? (But the colours are sooo awesome.)

American Apparel Hassid 2
I layered each of them over American Apparel's Hassid, which is a super opaque black creme. I did 1-2 coats. The polish was a little thick though, and I used it just once before! I guess I have to thin it out one day.

American Apparel Hassid 3
Sometimes I feel like it looks like some weird diseased pockmark -_- And sometimes I think they're so pretty and happy looking! Haha, I just can't decide if I like them or not!!

American Apparel Hassid
The dry time on these were great but they dry a little.. matte? Not exactly matte, but a satiny finish which was kinda weird. But nothing a little seche vite can't cure! The Etude House glitter isn't very dense either, I'm guessing it will take more than 4 coats if you want to wear it alone! So there you have it, my spangled nails for the week!

I did some swatches over the weekend and I'm so excited to post them! :D Watch this space!

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