Sunday, October 2, 2011

#25 Liverpool F.C.

Hihihihi! Been busy this week! Yesterday I went out with my parents and my sister to go celebrate her birthday! We ate at db at Marina Bay Sands. The food was quite okay.. But the service was good!! :>

Anyway if you watch soccer, you would know that yesterday was also the Merseyside Derby! I've been a Liverpool fan since 2002, after I watched the World Cup in England at that time. It just so happened that I like Michael Owen so I just followed him to Liverpool! Kinda scary huh, I mean, I could have liked David Beckham (like my sister does) and I would have ended up as a Man Utd fan. The horrors.

OPI Color So Hot It Berns
The red is from OPI's swiss collection last year, Color So Hot It Berns! Its a great bright red creme, this was 2 easy coats.

Liverpool Nail Art
Thumb is China Glaze's Snow, 3 coats. The Liver Bird is drawn on (painstakingly!) with the Nails Supreme pens which Chloe gave me for my birthday ages ago! I finally used it! But I still cant get the hang of it.. Heh!

Liverpool Nail Art 3
My right hand, a lazy way of putting something Liverpool related on my nail! The silver glitter makes it look weird huh! :-S

Liverpool Nail Art 2
I based the drawing from my football jersey. I had about 2.5 tries before I got it right! The first 1.5 times, I tried drawing it on a plastic sheet. I was about halfway done through the second one when I realised how big the drawings were compared to my thumb ;_;

Liverpool Nail Art with Jersey
The original vs the fake, lol!

Liverpool Nail Art with Jersey 2
Last pic! I really like how the drawing turned out! I think I'm going to keep this one for the entire week! I'm so proud to be a Liverpool supporter! You'll Never Walk Alone!!!! :D (I am well aware that all the Man Utd and Chelsea fans are gagging when they reach this point haha!)


  1. your paiting skills just upped another level!! seriousy loving this blog FONNN!

  2. I like it so much as well! And I love your display picture! Its nice to find another Liverpool fan who loves nail polishes as well! :D