Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#24 Penguins

Today's nail of the week is inspired by a photo that my friend, Chewy, reblogged on tumblr! Haha, it was so cute but somehow my little penguins turned out a little weird! This is kinda like a trial run so that I can practice this design before I paint it on her nails!

Essie Lapis of Luxury Nail Art
My left hand. The penguins here have such wonky eyes! Haha~ Base colour is Essie's Lapis of Luxury, 3 coats. I love Essie's resort collection of 2010. I bought the whole set of 4 cos the colours were just sooo pretty! And they dry super glossy! (But I still topped the nails off with topcoat anyway heh!) The white is China Glaze's Snow and the peach is Rescue Beauty Lounge's Starfish Patrick!

Essie Lapis of Luxury Nail Art 2
Funny looking penguins. I wanted to redo those on my left hand cos the right one turned out much better and my sister said 'All penguins are ~different~' So I ended up keeping the wonky ones as well! Lol! The more I look at them, the more I find them to be really funny looking!

Essie Lapis of Luxury Nail Art 3
Tadah, my right hand! I think the penguins are way cuter here. Its the small beady eyes!!! The penguins here look dumber, and I think that is so cute! Haha it's just been a day but there's already a chip on my middle finger. I am brutal with my right hand (It's my dominant hand) Alright, that's it! Although this week is recess week, but I've got project meetings every other day. Sigh!!! When will I ever find time to do swatches???