Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#22 Cupcakes

Heyyyyyy, late update of the week. I'm at my school hostel now and I'm updating instead of studying! Anyway today's mani of the week is on a sweet candy pink theme! I used Essie's Van D'go and the funniest thing is, it wasnt originally this shade! I guess I kept it for too long without using it and one day my sister showed this odd shade of pink (I dont have a single pink Essie) and I realised it had changed colour! So freaky!!! Haha but at least its a pretty shade of pastel pink. Just cant seem to get enough of those (A girly girl at heart.)

Nail Art with Essie Van D'go
The heart glitters are from Etude House! I love them so much, they're super cutesy when they're layered on pastel shades! I tried it once with Orly's Gumdrop and it super sugary sweet! (Are you gagging yet????) Stripes and dots were done with a white striper~

Nail Art with Essie Van D'go 2
Pinky pinky pink!

Nail Art with Essie Van D'go 3
Tadah~ My thumbs are little cupcakes! :D Wanted to do them on all my fingers but that'd be overkill! They're kinda inspired by Twelve Cupcake's Rainbow Vanilla! The cupcakes there are soooo yummy (Not too sweet and the cream on top of it is just
:-Q_____) Alright, I've got to hit the books now. Hopefully I can get back to swatching on the weekends ;_; I feel so bad for not updating as often as I'd like!

Anyway today is Kelly's birthday so Happy Birthday Jellykelly! :D

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