Sunday, September 4, 2011

#21 Going Stripey!

I'm finally back from my long break! My fingernails have finally grown out and I filed them today. Got a little too carried away on my left hand's middle finger and its the only one that is shorter than the rest! Oops!

Anyway my mani for the week is a pretty simple stripey one. I never tried these before cos I'm no good with drawing straight lines using the nail striper (I still am no good at it! Lol!) They turned out better than I expected! :> The lines arent straight but you cant really tell unless you're super focused on them and if they're really close to you. Added some flowers on my thumb cos it seemed too.. corporate and boring haha!

I like my middle finger one best! The lines are the straightest I've done on all 10 fingers. I have to keep practicing I guess, so that the lines wont be so crooked! The base is a royal blue from MAC's Wonder Woman collection. The formula for the polish is so so so smooth. It was fully opaque in 1 coat (But I did 2 for good measure!)

Alright, I've got an assignment due on tuesday that I've barely started on. I'll be back next week with more swatches! :>

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