Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#24 Penguins

Today's nail of the week is inspired by a photo that my friend, Chewy, reblogged on tumblr! Haha, it was so cute but somehow my little penguins turned out a little weird! This is kinda like a trial run so that I can practice this design before I paint it on her nails!

Essie Lapis of Luxury Nail Art
My left hand. The penguins here have such wonky eyes! Haha~ Base colour is Essie's Lapis of Luxury, 3 coats. I love Essie's resort collection of 2010. I bought the whole set of 4 cos the colours were just sooo pretty! And they dry super glossy! (But I still topped the nails off with topcoat anyway heh!) The white is China Glaze's Snow and the peach is Rescue Beauty Lounge's Starfish Patrick!

Essie Lapis of Luxury Nail Art 2
Funny looking penguins. I wanted to redo those on my left hand cos the right one turned out much better and my sister said 'All penguins are ~different~' So I ended up keeping the wonky ones as well! Lol! The more I look at them, the more I find them to be really funny looking!

Essie Lapis of Luxury Nail Art 3
Tadah, my right hand! I think the penguins are way cuter here. Its the small beady eyes!!! The penguins here look dumber, and I think that is so cute! Haha it's just been a day but there's already a chip on my middle finger. I am brutal with my right hand (It's my dominant hand) Alright, that's it! Although this week is recess week, but I've got project meetings every other day. Sigh!!! When will I ever find time to do swatches???

Sunday, September 18, 2011

#23 Hard Candy

Did some swatches of my measly Hard Candy collection on Friday! I only have 3 full-sized bottles which I bought from Walmart when I went to USA in June/July ^^

Hard Candy Sky
Sky. Widely known as a dupe for Chanel's Riva (Which I happen to have!), this is a light blue with blue (secret) shimmer. The shimmer doesnt really show up very well and the blue is much more pale than pictured. I overexposed the picture but the colour isnt quite correct :-/ This was 3 coats!

Hard Candy Splendid
Splendid. Just your standard yellow creme. Yellows are notoriously difficult to apply and this was no exception! This one was really streaky and I needed 3 coats to even everything out!

Hard Candy Frenzy
Frenzy. A green-leaning teal, that is quite jelly-ish? Its too opaque to be a jelly but its kinda shiny and glossy after it dries! I did 3 coats on this (To fully cover my vnl; visible nail line) The formula was the best on this one! Super smooth and dried quickly!

Well, that's it for my small collection of Hard Candy polishes. They each came with a plastic ring which I thought was pretty cute! :>

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#22 Cupcakes

Heyyyyyy, late update of the week. I'm at my school hostel now and I'm updating instead of studying! Anyway today's mani of the week is on a sweet candy pink theme! I used Essie's Van D'go and the funniest thing is, it wasnt originally this shade! I guess I kept it for too long without using it and one day my sister showed this odd shade of pink (I dont have a single pink Essie) and I realised it had changed colour! So freaky!!! Haha but at least its a pretty shade of pastel pink. Just cant seem to get enough of those (A girly girl at heart.)

Nail Art with Essie Van D'go
The heart glitters are from Etude House! I love them so much, they're super cutesy when they're layered on pastel shades! I tried it once with Orly's Gumdrop and it super sugary sweet! (Are you gagging yet????) Stripes and dots were done with a white striper~

Nail Art with Essie Van D'go 2
Pinky pinky pink!

Nail Art with Essie Van D'go 3
Tadah~ My thumbs are little cupcakes! :D Wanted to do them on all my fingers but that'd be overkill! They're kinda inspired by Twelve Cupcake's Rainbow Vanilla! The cupcakes there are soooo yummy (Not too sweet and the cream on top of it is just
:-Q_____) Alright, I've got to hit the books now. Hopefully I can get back to swatching on the weekends ;_; I feel so bad for not updating as often as I'd like!

Anyway today is Kelly's birthday so Happy Birthday Jellykelly! :D

Sunday, September 4, 2011

#21 Going Stripey!

I'm finally back from my long break! My fingernails have finally grown out and I filed them today. Got a little too carried away on my left hand's middle finger and its the only one that is shorter than the rest! Oops!

Anyway my mani for the week is a pretty simple stripey one. I never tried these before cos I'm no good with drawing straight lines using the nail striper (I still am no good at it! Lol!) They turned out better than I expected! :> The lines arent straight but you cant really tell unless you're super focused on them and if they're really close to you. Added some flowers on my thumb cos it seemed too.. corporate and boring haha!

I like my middle finger one best! The lines are the straightest I've done on all 10 fingers. I have to keep practicing I guess, so that the lines wont be so crooked! The base is a royal blue from MAC's Wonder Woman collection. The formula for the polish is so so so smooth. It was fully opaque in 1 coat (But I did 2 for good measure!)

Alright, I've got an assignment due on tuesday that I've barely started on. I'll be back next week with more swatches! :>