Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#20 Update

I'm not dead yall. Just nursing all the breaks that my fingernails suffered. I trimmed them down and they're finally growing back out! Anyway I took some pictures of my current mani cos the current state of my blog is just sad! This one is another leopard print stamping (as usual~) I was helping my sister konad her nails and I was feeling so uninspired that I decided to do the same for myself! We have identical designs on our nails now, except that our colours are reversed. Its kinda cute actually ;>

UO Smush
Sorry about the dry cuticles ;_; They look horrid. Anyway base polish is Urban Outfitters Smush. It looked like a nice light minty green in the bottle, but on the nail it dried about a shade darker. The formula was good though! First coat went on a bit streaky with bald spots, but a thicker second coat evened everything out :>

UO Smush2
Another angle. The pink random spots were dotted using China Glaze's Something Sweet. My nails are ridiculously short arent they :< I wish they'd grow faster!!

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