Friday, June 3, 2011

#19 Nail Polish Haul

Hi peeps! :> Just took pictures of some of the hauling that I did in USA. I cant post pictures of my nails because my cuticles are very dry (despite me moisturizing!) and my middle finger is tearing ;_; Why are my nails so weak?? Miso sad. The lighting in the room is kinda crappy as well, my room is pretty dark cos there's only 2 main lights at one end of the room and the table lamps give off warm lights which I dont like! Anyway onto the haul~

Hot Topic Glow In The Dark
One of the first few nail polishes I got. These are from Hot Topic and they glow in the dark! How cool is that! And they have glitter in them. Super sweet :>

Urban Outfitters Smush and Afterhours
Urban Outfitters Smush and Afterhours. These were 2 for $8! A lovely minty green that is (hopefully) dusty and a glitterbomb!

Urban Outfitters Afterhours
Look at all the lovely holo Afterhours has! I cannot wait to try this one out. I probably wont use it here in USA because I have no aluminum foil (and thus I cannot remove via the foil method.)

Claire's Mood Changing Polishes
Popped by Claire's and I got these. They were having a super promotion! Buy 1 and get the other 1 at 50% off! Too good to be true. I love their mood changing polishes. I have about 4 bottles back home so I got the other colours that I was missing out! Yay!

Claire's Glitter Topcoats
I also got these Glitter Topcoats from Claire's as well. They look pretty boring huh. But wait~

Claire's Glitter Topcoat
Claire's Glitter Topcoat has Holo goodness!!!!! I wonder if they're opaque to be worn alone or do they have to be layered over something else. Hmmm!

Claire's Gold Glitter Top Coat
Claire's Gold Glitter Top Coat! That's quite a mouthful, but look at the pretty holo glitter :>

Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber
Claire's also sold these, Me + Blue (Blue with holo glitter!!!!) and Step 2 the Beat of My ♥ (Yes its seriously spelt like that)! I am not a fan of the Biebs but these were too pretty to pass up! And the discount applied to these as well! So it was super worth it! A bottle in Singapore retails for $17.10 which is totally expensive!

Okay that's about it for now! I still have other polishes that I havent photographed yet~ I managed to get my hands on the Sally Hansen Crackles :D I went back today and it was totally wiped clean. I'm really relieved that I got them earlier on! USA is really a great place for nail polish lovers!



  2. Hi there, I'm sorry but I'm not selling it away. I got them from urban outfitters, perhaps you could swing by an outlet near you to check if they're still selling it?

  3. Hi , can you do a review on the silver one ? Like I wanna see pics. Because I wanna see if you can wear it alone or something under ?