Monday, April 4, 2011

#5 Color Club Space Case

Summer is upon us!! The weather has been hot hot hot these past few days!!! And what better colour to sport on your tips than hot pink!! I had Sea Spray on over the weekend but I wanted something pink and girly on sunday and tadah!!!! The flowers were drawn on using a dotting tool! Its really simple, followed the tutorial from The Daily Nail.
The pink is Color Club's Space Case topped with Starry Temptress! The holo glitter kinda sinks into the polish and it isnt very obvious even after I swiped each nail slightly with nail polish remover. Boo. But still its a very pretty shade :D

Zzz I just realised almost every post features glitter and holo -_- Haha my 2 weaknesses! Fo' real. My Nfu.Ohs are on their way to me as we speak! Got my sister's friend to help me order from USA! Its like USD$12.5o there, and in Singapore it's selling for SGD$35-$42. Insane~~~

Anyway this is the only picture I have of China Glaze Sea Spray, which I wore for about 2 days. Its such a chic colour! Light grey with blue undertones and slight pearly finish! Lighting is pretty bad! My skin is like orange in colour... Was trying to take a tumblr-worthy picture and this happened! Lol!!! I love my Bitch ring! It was a gift from Guagua aka the sister :>

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