Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#17 China Glaze 2NITE, GR8, L8R G8R and TMI

These colours are from China Glaze's OMG collection which were released some time back! Its a collection full of great linear holos!! Its really super duper awesome. You dont even need the aqua base for these polishes! I used it on 1-2 fingers but really, you cant tell the difference. I've only got 4 polishes (There's 12 in total!) and they're becoming increasingly hard to find nowadays :<
This is 2NITE, a medium blue holo! I actually received this in a swap on MUA. I guess I got pretty lucky huh! This was just 2 coats.


More pictures because its so holo-y and pretty!

GR8 is a gold holo polish but the effect isnt very strong for this one, even under the sun. I have 2 coats on here!

L8R G8R. I guess it means Later Gator? A shorter version of See ya later, alligator? Anyway this is light spring green and the holo effect is super strong! I found the formula to be very watery for this one, it took 3 thin coats to be fully opaque. On a side note, look how old the bottle is! The labels are all peeling! 'z' came off when I put my finger on it :/

Another picture of the holo-y goodness.

TMI, which stands for Too Much Information. A bright coral-red which took 2 smooth and easy coats. The holo effect is pretty subtle on this one! But its still a great shade for summer, there's just something about red polishes that I like so much.. :)

Anyway I was having such a hard time photographing the pictures cos the sun wasnt very strong on Sunday (The irony!) It actually disappeared when I had TMI on my fingers and I had to mope around till it came back again (See! This is why I needed the sun Chomchom!) And when it did come back, it didnt last for very long! Huh. The formula was really great on these, super smooth and opaque (Except L8R G8R) and it dried really quickly. :) Really love these polishes, I hope I can find the rest of the collection soon, keeping my fingers crossed!

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