Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#16 Rescue Beauty Lounge Square Pants and Starfish Patrick

RBL Square Pants
RBL Square Pants! To be honest I only got this because its related to Spongebob, but the colour is not really to my liking! Its wayyyy too sheer, but that's what you get when you have jellies. Its very squishy looking though. This took 4 coats and it was kinda streaky on the first coat.

RBL Starfish Patrick
RBL Starfish Patrick. A peachy-coral kinda shade. This was more opaque than Square Pants and the application was tons better. This was 3 coats. But still, not my kind of colour, haha!

I dont think I'll use these very often but I'm a sucker for nail polishes which are inspired by movies/shows. There's another one to complete this set, Bikini Bottom, and its probably the colour that I want the most out of three but I havent been able to get my hands on it :< I hope when I go to USA I can find some place that sells it so that I can complete this set! Its super cute!!

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