Thursday, April 21, 2011

#14 Make Up Store Greta

Make Up Store Greta!! Silver linear holographic polish! I love anything holo so this is totally a winner in my books! I used Nfu.Oh's Aqua Base and it really makes a big difference! The first time I used Greta there was alot of bald spots and dragging. Yeeeech!

Greta 2
But after using the Aqua Base, there was no such problems! And the holographic effect was stronger! This is under normal lighting and the holo is in-your-face. (Holo = the rainbow that you see on each nail. It is made of awesome.)

Greta Macro
Macro shot. It looks kinda greenish in here huh! I was wearing my bright yellow vj tee so I guess it reflected off the polish!

Greta Macro 2
The rainbow ;_; I love it so much. Which is why there's 4 pictures haha, spam is spam is spam.

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