Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#17 China Glaze 2NITE, GR8, L8R G8R and TMI

These colours are from China Glaze's OMG collection which were released some time back! Its a collection full of great linear holos!! Its really super duper awesome. You dont even need the aqua base for these polishes! I used it on 1-2 fingers but really, you cant tell the difference. I've only got 4 polishes (There's 12 in total!) and they're becoming increasingly hard to find nowadays :<
This is 2NITE, a medium blue holo! I actually received this in a swap on MUA. I guess I got pretty lucky huh! This was just 2 coats.


More pictures because its so holo-y and pretty!

GR8 is a gold holo polish but the effect isnt very strong for this one, even under the sun. I have 2 coats on here!

L8R G8R. I guess it means Later Gator? A shorter version of See ya later, alligator? Anyway this is light spring green and the holo effect is super strong! I found the formula to be very watery for this one, it took 3 thin coats to be fully opaque. On a side note, look how old the bottle is! The labels are all peeling! 'z' came off when I put my finger on it :/

Another picture of the holo-y goodness.

TMI, which stands for Too Much Information. A bright coral-red which took 2 smooth and easy coats. The holo effect is pretty subtle on this one! But its still a great shade for summer, there's just something about red polishes that I like so much.. :)

Anyway I was having such a hard time photographing the pictures cos the sun wasnt very strong on Sunday (The irony!) It actually disappeared when I had TMI on my fingers and I had to mope around till it came back again (See! This is why I needed the sun Chomchom!) And when it did come back, it didnt last for very long! Huh. The formula was really great on these, super smooth and opaque (Except L8R G8R) and it dried really quickly. :) Really love these polishes, I hope I can find the rest of the collection soon, keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#16 Rescue Beauty Lounge Square Pants and Starfish Patrick

RBL Square Pants
RBL Square Pants! To be honest I only got this because its related to Spongebob, but the colour is not really to my liking! Its wayyyy too sheer, but that's what you get when you have jellies. Its very squishy looking though. This took 4 coats and it was kinda streaky on the first coat.

RBL Starfish Patrick
RBL Starfish Patrick. A peachy-coral kinda shade. This was more opaque than Square Pants and the application was tons better. This was 3 coats. But still, not my kind of colour, haha!

I dont think I'll use these very often but I'm a sucker for nail polishes which are inspired by movies/shows. There's another one to complete this set, Bikini Bottom, and its probably the colour that I want the most out of three but I havent been able to get my hands on it :< I hope when I go to USA I can find some place that sells it so that I can complete this set! Its super cute!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

#15 OPI Mad As A Hatter

Happy Easter! This is my nail of the week (NOTD). OPI Mad As A Hatter, released last year as part of the Alice in Wonderland collection. I got them when they were just released! Sad to say it's getting pretty hard to find right now! I've seen people selling it for $30-$40 online. Insane~ I managed to get my hands on a backup bottle for $11 quite recently, so lucky me!

This took about 3 coats to be fully opaque and it was a bit gritty after it dried. This polish is super sparkly! There's mostly purple and silver glitter, plus a mix of orange, green and light blue glitter suspended in a clear base. I love this one so much!!! On another note, its the last week of school this week! (Followed by exams after that :<)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

#14 Make Up Store Greta

Make Up Store Greta!! Silver linear holographic polish! I love anything holo so this is totally a winner in my books! I used Nfu.Oh's Aqua Base and it really makes a big difference! The first time I used Greta there was alot of bald spots and dragging. Yeeeech!

Greta 2
But after using the Aqua Base, there was no such problems! And the holographic effect was stronger! This is under normal lighting and the holo is in-your-face. (Holo = the rainbow that you see on each nail. It is made of awesome.)

Greta Macro
Macro shot. It looks kinda greenish in here huh! I was wearing my bright yellow vj tee so I guess it reflected off the polish!

Greta Macro 2
The rainbow ;_; I love it so much. Which is why there's 4 pictures haha, spam is spam is spam.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#13 OPI Diva of Geneva

2011-04-16 22.01.34
OPI's Diva of Geneva from their Swiss collection! I only got 2 colours from that collection, and I havent used the other polish to date.. The nailboard was raving about this colour and that's partly why I caved and got it for myself! Its a shimmery plum which went on in 2 smooooth coats. The formula is great in this one! There's supposed to be gold shimmer when its under the sun! How pretty does that sound!

Monday, April 18, 2011

#12 Estessimo TiNS The High Drama

The High Drama
Another blue nail polish with glitter! The High Drama, the names that Estessimo TiNS gives to their nail polishes are seriously weird! I know there's one called The Spicy Pinheel. Like what??? I have no idea what that means. Anyway weird names aside, their glitter polishes are totally awesome! Very sheer pale blue base with iridescent glitter! This was 6 coats?? And you can still make out my nail line!

The High Drama 2
But its such a pretty blue! I can already imagine how super sparkley it'll be in the sun!!

The High Drama (Macro)
Macro shot! Haha did that scare you??? I took ages to get a decent picture! I'm so happy when I see the zoomed in shots! Look! You can even see the glitter is square, how cute! And the glitter was green cos I was in a yellow shirt. Fail! Anyway I think macro shots are going to be a permanent feature! It shows the colour and finish of the polish very well. I just need better lighting next time!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

#11 Leopard Prints: Take Two

Nails of the week. Was inspired by WAH nails which I follow on tumblr. Their nail art designs are amaaaazing! Anyway, look at the new font I'm using for my watermarks!! Did it on photoshop, my first time using it and I still have a long way to go.

Leopard 2
Colours used:
Pink: China Glaze Something Sweet
Purple: OPI Done Out In Deco
Blue: OPI What's With The Cattitude

Watching the Liverpool match right now! Just changed into my away jersey to match theirs! Haha I'm superstitious that way~ Anyway I have more posts lined up cos I got down to swatching on saturday! Super happy with the pictures I took using my sister's camera :>

Saturday, April 16, 2011

#10 Rose Tutorial

Wheee my first tutorial, just for fonfon! Haha she was the one who gave me the idea :> Its pretty simple, now everyone can have roses on their nails! And I just realised 'colour' and 'woodstick' has the red zigzag lines under it! (Yes Elizabeth, very unprofessional~) Zzz not my fault! I had to use many softwares to make it into this thingy! But I have photoshop now!! Need to learn how to use it first though :-/

Going to do some swatches later tonight, so that I have enough to last me the week and also so that I can update while I'm in hall! Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

#9 Cupcake

Another old nail art design! This is Essie Exposure with China Glaze Fairy Dust with a cupcake nail accent! The Essie was picked up by my mum for my sister, when she went to USA! Its a lovely hot pink jelly-creme that dries super glossy! Is there even such a thing? A jelly-creme??? Its too opaque to be a jelly but the finish is similar. Its such a cute colour! Love it! :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

#8 Pastel Skittles

Today is Chia's birthday!! Happy 20th (to 24th) birthday Chia!!!!!!!! Gonna be so sad when she leaves for Ireland, boohoo!! Anyway we had a lovely picnic at Fort Canning and I took this picture of my toenails! :D And my new sandals are in the picture, first time wearing them out! Its such a happy happy day today!! I got alot of mosquito bites on my legs now, haha. Some sacrifices just have to be made. In such a good mood now, nothing can spoil my day!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

#7 Mix and Match

Whee new nails for a new week! I love my roses, so swirly and pretty! Haha, the pinky like so out of place. Tacky bling! Was trying to follow Katy Perry's Disco Ball nails but failed! Haha she used Swarovski crystals!! So it was super shiny and so awesome! Mine is just.. cheap rhinestones which cost less than $10/pack. But I shall just keep it on cos I am too lazy to remove it!
The left hand~ Colours used this time round:
Pink: China Glaze Something Sweet
Blue: China Glaze For Audrey
White: Nail Art striper
Silver: Orly Shine
Roses: Orly Pixy Stix swirled with China Glaze Snow
And the right hand makes a rare appearance! Haha I usually dont show my right hand cos its pretty badly painted but this time round it wasnt so bad :D

Whee such happy colours! Looking at my nails makes me feel a bit better! I realise I really post too much pinks and blues on my nail blog :-/ I guess next week I'll use a holo or my Nfu.Oh flakies! I need some variety! When my tag list grows, I feel happier!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

#6 Leopard Prints

This is a really old picture from last year, I can see my old MacBook in the background! Anyway, when I painted this ages ago, Guagua said that it was really ugly! Haha and I kinda thought so too as well. But she just saw this recently and she said it was nice -_-

Kinda crazy but I can still remember the nail polishes used! Pink is China Glaze Go-go Pink, Mint is China Glaze Re-fresh Mint and the Grey is American Apparel Factory Grey. I love my konad stamping kit! Its super super useful :> Best thing I bought in Taiwan!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

#5 Color Club Space Case

Summer is upon us!! The weather has been hot hot hot these past few days!!! And what better colour to sport on your tips than hot pink!! I had Sea Spray on over the weekend but I wanted something pink and girly on sunday and tadah!!!! The flowers were drawn on using a dotting tool! Its really simple, followed the tutorial from The Daily Nail.
The pink is Color Club's Space Case topped with Starry Temptress! The holo glitter kinda sinks into the polish and it isnt very obvious even after I swiped each nail slightly with nail polish remover. Boo. But still its a very pretty shade :D

Zzz I just realised almost every post features glitter and holo -_- Haha my 2 weaknesses! Fo' real. My Nfu.Ohs are on their way to me as we speak! Got my sister's friend to help me order from USA! Its like USD$12.5o there, and in Singapore it's selling for SGD$35-$42. Insane~~~

Anyway this is the only picture I have of China Glaze Sea Spray, which I wore for about 2 days. Its such a chic colour! Light grey with blue undertones and slight pearly finish! Lighting is pretty bad! My skin is like orange in colour... Was trying to take a tumblr-worthy picture and this happened! Lol!!! I love my Bitch ring! It was a gift from Guagua aka the sister :>

Sunday, April 3, 2011

#4 pa aa14

My chinese new year nails. Essie Red Noveau and followed by pa AA14. Red and holographic glitter suspended in a clear base! Hahah mahjong table is in the background~

Whee, super sparkley. But I still lost money at blackjack and mahjong ;_;